About Me

35 Years of Experience

Helping people find the right insurance coverage is more than a profession for me. I got my license in 1983 and it's been my mission to help people find the right insurance coverage. I listen very carefully to what my clients say and tailor the solution based on their needs.

Having the right Long Term Care coverage allowed me to take care of my ailing husband at home instead of a nursing home. Our coverage provided us with an aide for 3 years, which was invaluable.

The passing of my husband was only made easier with the fact that I was able to spend the last of his days with him and also having the right help at home. I was able to continue working knowing that my husband was safe and at home. This removed a major stress that I would have had to deal with.

Besides finding the right coverage for my clients, I take great pleasure in having an active role in my community. I have served as Treasurer for Kendall Networker for the last 8 years. I have also won many awards from the South Dade Chamber of Commerce for increasing the Membership for many months in a row. I have been and continue to be a registered member of the National Ethics Association. I am also Membership chairperson of my temple.

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The Importance of Insurance Coverage

People are left every day with bills they cannot meet or care they cannot get because they have no insurance coverage. When it comes to Medicare-related plans, one size does not fit all. From plans that help cover out-of-pocket costs to comprehensive plans that include additional benefits, I am sure to find an option that fits your health care needs and your budget.

I am here to help you find a plan whether it's in person, or over the phone. Click on the button below to request a free consultation with me today.

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